Rachel Strauss

Rachel is the hands, heart, and mind behind Wood Burn Corner. She lives in the SF Bay Area with her 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 husband. She is a retired ballerina, a former nurse, a leftie, and a poppy enthusiast.


It all started when…

Rachel picked up a wood burner and a slice of basswood from her local craft store back in 2011 for her wedding. She fell in love with the art form and has since partnered with the very people who made that first slice of wood and wood burning tool!

Rachel will be presenting at Altitude Summit this Spring where Joanna Gaines will be the keynote speaker. You can find her artwork on the packaging of the newest professional wood burner to hit the market: the Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner. She is a featured teacher on Skillshare for her Introduction to Wood-Burning class. Her work has been featured on the official Instagram feeds of Etsy (1.5M followers), Joann, Pinners, Craftsposure, Walnut Hollow, Creatorslane, Handmade Revolution, and many more. Her artwork is in @doityourselfmagazine. She is the proud creator of the Burnt Month Challenges (most recent: #BurntOctober). She is also the creator of the #WHtravelingwood and #30DaysOfWoodburnedGiveaways. She has collaborated with artists such as @thepigeonletters, @hazelslettering, @lettersbyshells, @thegreyrose, @itskateshandwriting, @rosaliegwenpaperie, and so many more. She has been sponsored by Walnut Hollow, Tandy Leather, and Tombow.

Rachel and Wood Burn Corner are all about creating beautiful art, collaborating, supporting the wood burning community, lifting up other artists (#communityovercompetion), and teaching our passion!


Josi Dunlap

Magic maker and right-hand woman! Josi just joined WBC this year and is already helping make some of WBC’s dreams become a reality. When Josi isn’t working on WBC or her own wood burning art, she is going to school to become a nurse. Check out Josi’s wood-burning work @whatwoodjosiburn on Instagram.