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Warrenton, Virginia

East Coast Burn Club Retreat

October 11-14, 2019

4 days | 3 Nights

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Rachel definitely honed in on me and my business. She had come prepared by knowing me and my brand, my work and my style before the coaching session which was very professional and helped to give me insight on my business specifically. She was also prepared with knowledge of other businesses that I can reference and research to get inspiration from in terms of direction, again, specifically for me and my business and the way I wanted to go. 30 minutes was great to get me on track and answer the questions I had, however any time longer would be, of course, even better! Rachel gave me a lot of great ideas and suggestions which I would have never thought about on a variety of points in my business (general marketing and photography, presence on instagram, Etsy, my website, and then some...). She gave me great direction, motivation and insight! Thank you Rachel; you are very inspiring, kind and full of great positive energy!
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cambridge, massachusetts

Burn Club Mini Mastermind

July 6, 2019

3 hour

*Must be a Burn Club Member - Password Required


Sebastopol, California

July 25-28, 2019

4 days | 3 Nights

Must be a Burn Club Member


Rachel was able to offer insights into social media platforms that I did not know beforehand. She was open to my questions and talked about her own personal experience in her own business. I now have some easy, quick things to do as action items and I have some complex, longer-term things to do. Rachel is easy to talk to and I can tell she loves helping others.