The Burnt Month Challenges

It started with #BurntNovember back in 2017, and we have since had #BurntJanuary, #BurntMarch, #BurntMay, #BurntOctober, #BurntFebruary and #BurntJune.

It is an every-other-day challenge for the wood burning community on Instagram. You follow the prompt for the corresponding day of the month, and post on Instagram using the #Burnt{Month} hashtag. Mention @woodburncorner and @walnuthollow in your post too so it counts as an entry to win a STACK of wood from Walnut Hollow at the end of the month. Every prompt you participate in counts as an entry.

This challenge is a great way to hone your skill, grow your following, try new things, and meet your fellow wood burning artists. #communityovercompetition